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AAA On-Line Tobacco Sales Training
New York State Certified

AAA Tobacco Training is owned and taught by John Radin. John has been setting the standard for tobacco sales training since the New York State Tobacco Sales Training Program was initiated in 2003. Now the most effective tobacco sales training available is being offered in a convenient and affordable on-line format.

John is a retired police veteran and instructor with over thirty years of police training experience. He is also a founding member of the Long Beach Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking and has presented on underage prevention strategies at National Law Enforcement Conferences throughout the country.

As a responsible tobacco retailer, it is important that you and your staff receive AAA Tobacco Training. AAA will help you make the commitment to preventing youth access to tobacco and protecting your tobacco registration and lottery license from violations and suspension.

A major component of the environmental approach to prevention is “target hardening” the retail outlet where tobacco is sold. One important way target hardening reduces youth access to age restrictive products such as tobacco is by raising the awareness and skill level of the sales staff.

This training course is the product of John's extensive experience and research, founded in the best practices approach to providing the most current information, effective policies, proven compliance strategies and safe refusal techniques for all sellers of tobacco products.

This website is designed to inform you on every topic relevant to preventing underage sales and protecting your licenses. You will have the ability to blog questions and receive support directly from the instructor.

It is important that all employees are aware of their responsibility and liability regarding tobacco sales. Our goal is certifying well-trained and conscientious staff. A sales associate’s carelessness can lead to your license revocation and their arrest.

This training provides a 3-year certification and is being offered for only $40 per trainee in the hope that business owners will ensure all their sales staff are properly trained and certified. The certification provides an invaluable point reduction if an underage sale violation occurs.

The point system is imposed as follows:

Guarantee against receiving a lethal 2-point violation by certifying your entire staff – Training is now effective and affordable.

$50 each for training ($40 when you purchase 2 or more), support and three year certification

Important Points:

AAA On-Line Tobacco Sales Training is certified by the New York State Department of Health.

To receive the Tobacco Retailer Certification, it’s simple…
enter your name and your retailer information,
follow the instruction, which prepares you to answer the twenty (20) true/false questions.
And complete the PayPal for the number of certifications you want.
The cost is minimal - $50 for each trainee.$40 when you purchase 2 or more.
Each individual certification is valid for three (3) years.

Every person who sells tobacco products should receive this certification to safeguard the NYS Tobacco Registration and NYS Lottery License

You must have your certification completed before a violation occurs to receive the point reduction. Certification is actually time stamped to ensure accuracy and compliance with the NYS Dept. of Health.

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